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CLM Adult Groups

CLM's Adult Community Support Program (CSP) and Adult Outpatient Program (AOP) regularly offer a number of psycho-therapeutic and skill-building groups focused on helping adults attain success. Led by clinicians, the groups cover a variety of topics. Being a part of a therapeutic group can be a profound, powerful and helpful experience. For more informaton on groups, topics and to register, please call 603.965.0656

In upcoming sessions, group topics being offered include:


Introduction to the Community Support Program (Ages 18+, CSP)

A warm welcome and brief information session to new Community Support Program clients. Learn about the variety of services available through the CSP program, hear from a Benefits Specialist regarding financial and medical benefits and supports to get your needs met effectively. There is no fee for this group.

Social Skills and Self-Esteem

Connections (Age 18+, CSP)

Focus on exploring ways to connect with others, build healthy relationships, reduce isolation, and explore the community. Covered by Medicaid. (Community Partners: Park Place Lanes, MSPCA, Marion Gerrish Community Center, and Currier Museum)

Empowering Self Women’s Group (Women ages 18+, CSP)

Focus on recognizing personal strengths and potential, think positive of one’s self and build self-confidence through various activities. (Community Partners: Nahar Yoga Studio, You’re an Artist Studio, Empire Beauty School, Goodwill Industries, Hannaford, Marion Gerrish Center)

No Man Is An Island- Men’s Group (Men ages 18*, CSP)

Focus on exploring leisure activities to develop interests, strengths, and find a place in the community; learn strategies to improve self-confidence in conversation, conflict resolution, and build camaraderie with others. Covered by Medicaid. (Community Partners: NH Audubon Society, Hannaford, Marion Gerrish Center)

Essential Life Skills

Money Matters (Ages 18+, CSP)

Focus on helping individuals reduce stress caused by finances by learning effective budgeting strategies, making wise choices, and exploring resources in the community. Covered by Medicaid. (Community Partners: Hannaford, Marion Gerrish Community Center)

Stress Management

From Stress to Success - Illness Management and Recovery Group (Ages 18+, CSP)

Participants will learn eleven core concepts to gaining self-awareness, reaching goals, increasing relaxation, and enhancing coping skills to reduce tension and start living a less stressed life! Follows the evidence-based practice of Illness Management and Recovery (IMR) and integrates mindfulness activities into each session. Covered by Medicaid.

The Way to Wellness - Illness Management and Recovery Group (Ages 18+, CSP)

Establish and reach personal recovery goals, gain confidence and increase self-awareness in personal choices, enhance coping skill use to reduce stress, symptoms, psychiatric and substance use relapse, and identify health ways to take care of one’s self and live life in balance. The eleven topic areas include: recovery strategies, understanding mental illness and diagnoses, impact of stress vulnerability, building social supports, using medications effectively, impact of substance use, relapse prevention, coping with stress, coping with problems and symptoms, understanding the mental health system, and healthy lifestyles. Illness Management and Recovery (IMR) is an evidence based practice that promotes hope, personal responsibility and solutions to manage and overcome impact of mental illness. Covered by Medicaid.

Sensational Seniors - Illness Management and Recovery Group (Ages 18+, CSP)

Focus on overall wellbeing through inspiration, motivation identification of healthy ways to take care of one’s self through the golden years. The eleven topic areas include: leading a happy and healthy life, understanding mental illness, managing symptoms of mental illness, building relationships, understanding medications, substance and alcohol misuse, reducing relapses, coping with stress, coping with problems and symptoms, speaking up for self and healthy lifestyles. Covered by Medicaid.

Jump Start to Wellness (Ages 18+, CSP)

Get a “jump start” on setting and learn about the mental health system and CSP supports available to help in all your endeavors. Topics include establishing and breaking down goals into achievable steps, engaging in important activities to promote self-care, becoming an active member of one’s treatment team, advocating effectively to get needs met, and appropriately utilizing treatment team members and services offered to help in the recovery process. Covered by Medicaid.

Health and Wellness

Harvesting Healthy Habits - InSHAPE Group (Ages 18+, CSP)

Learn to organize and plan out a community garden, prepare light meals and snacks using whole foods, learn how to integrate healthy lifestyle strategies into daily routines, budget to afford healthy choices, venture on walks to connect with nature and take care of oneself to have optimum health. Covered by Medicaid.

Stress Busters - InSHAPE Group (Ages 18+, CSP)

Focuses on understanding the impact of stress in life, on the body and on personal goals. Strategies will be taught to reduce stress by increasing practice of mindfulness, deep breathing, meditation, positive thinking and affirmations of self to create inner peace, healthy habits and improve self-esteem. Gentle yoga will also be incorporated into the curriculum to reinforce grounding techniques. (Community Partner: NH Charitable Foundation Grant)

Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Mindset Matters (Ages 18+, AOP)

Address ten distortions of thinking and practical ways to gain control over thoughts, feelings and actions. As a result, individuals will learn and apply skills to cope effectively with stress, anxiety and depression, and create a more positive mindset and life. Covered by Medicaid and most major health plans.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Finding the Middle Path (Ages 18+, CSP, AOP)

Learn the four core concepts to survive intense emotions and create a life worth living! Learn relaxation techniques, strategies to improve relationships, tolerate and reduce distress and regulate emotions effectively. Covered by Medicaid and most major health plans.

Anger Management

A Way Past Tense (Ages 18+, CSP, AOP)

Learn how anger is a natural emotion, recognize feelings of anger, skills to decrease verbal and physical aggression, calm self, and resolve conflict. Covered by Medicaid and most major health plans.

Support for Substance Misuse

Living in Balance (Ages 18+, CSP, AOP)

To increase awareness of the relationship between use and lifestyle, understand how substance use affects life and goals, learn positive coping skills, relaxation techniques and recreational activities as an alternative to substance use, explore personal values, and develop future goals. Covered by Medicaid and most major health plans.