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Military Advantage Program

CLM is proud to participate in New Hampshire’s statewide Community Mental Health Center Military Liaison Initiative. As a part of that effort, we at CLM are committed to improving access to and quality of care for veterans, service members and military families. To fulfill this commitment, we have:

- Adopted the “Ask the Question” campaign to actively identify service members and their families being served by our organization;
- Promoted military culture competence by providing Military Culture training for clinical staff;
- Partnered with civilian-military providers to improve access and quality of care.

Caring for Military Members and Families

Committed to improving access to care for military members and their families, CLM has established a military focused treatment team. This multi-disciplinary team includes: clinicians, case managers, a supported employment specialist, community support counselors, an ACT (Assertive Community Treatment) team representative, a wellness coordinator and clinical director. All participants have been trained in military culture awareness and several providers have direct military experience either as a service or family member.

Military Advantage Program Services
Our focus is to provide an integrated approach to reach more veterans, military members and families in our services area and to offer them comprehensive support strategies. This begins with our intake process that assists in identifying military members from their initial contact with our organization. Depending on the individual needs, the scope of services that can be provided include:
- Individual Service Plan: outlines a comprehensive plan and goals that takes a whole person approach to assess areas including mental health, substance use, medical needs, financial, education, employment and housing needs.
- Case Management: assists individuals with benefits and helps them to navigate the VA and other available community supports.
- Supported Employment: an evidence-based practice that helps individuals find and maintain meaningful jobs and/or pursue education advancement towards career goal achievement.


For more information regarding CLM’s Military Advantage Program please call 603.965.0784 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

To schedule an Intake appointment, please call 603.434.1577. CLM accepts TRICARE, Medicaid, Medicare and most major health plans. If you are uninsured and a military member or veteran, please call for more information as services may be covered through grant funding.

Grants Support Improved Access to Care
CLM’s Military Advantage Program is able to provide mental health, employment and supportive services to military members in part thanks to the support of several grants. We would like to recognize and thank the following charitable organizations and trusts that make it possible for CLM to provide services to military members who are uninsured and might otherwise be unable to access services. They include:

- The Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Charitable Service Trust
- The Walmart Foundation State Giving Program
- The Disabled Veterans National Foundation (DVNF)
- The Parker Nelson Foundation