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CLM Child & Adolescent Groups

CLM's Child, Adolescent and Family services regularly offer a number of psycho-therapeutic and skill-building groups focused on helping children and teens attain success. Led by children's clinicians, the groups are geared to specific age groups and cover a variety of topics. Being a part of a therapeutic group can be a profound, powerful and helpful experience for children and teens. For more informaton on groups, topics and to register, please call 603.965.0656

In upcoming sessions, group topics being offered include:

Social skills development

Build On Your Skills - BOYS Group (Boys all ages.)

Topics covered include skill development in the areas of communication, resolving conflict, making and keeping friends, teamwork, decision making, and building self-esteem.  Covered by Medicaid. (Community Partner:  Derry Parks and Recreation)

Socially Savvy (Ages 10-13)

Topics focus on healthy ways to develop relationships, leadership and teamwork skills to connect and communicate with others in a respectful and effective way. Covered by Medicaid and most major health plans.

Robo Skills (Ages 12-14)

This is a vocationally oriented workshop to enhance social-emotional skills while exploring the exciting field of robotics. Focus is on emotional self-regulation, cooperation, building self-esteem, creative problem solving and improving social interactions. Covered by Medicaid and most major health plans. (Community Partner: Center for Engineering Education and Outreach (CEEO) at Tufts)

Self esteem development

Imagine…Me! (Ages 9-11)

Supports individuals with Learning Disabilities in celebrating their individuality, developing skills to better express emotions, thoughts, and self-esteem through drama therapy based activities. Covered by Medicaid and most major health plans.

Girls Only (Girls all ages)

Focus is on skill development to improve self-esteem, increase confidence, think positively about self, discover strengths and develop friendships. Covered by Medicaid. (Community Partner:  Londonderry YMCA)

Health and WEllness

Healthy Habits- InShape Group (Young ladies ages 14-16)

Providing support to young ladies with understanding the positive impact healthy choices make in mental, emotional and physical health. Activities include building confidence with preparing balanced light meals and snacks, learning about the connection between food and mood, practicing relaxation strategies and gaining assertiveness skills to take care of one’s self to support optimum health. Covered by Medicaid.

Stress Busters - InSHAPE Group (Ages 12-16)

Focuses on understanding the impact of stress in life, on the body and on personal goals. Strategies will be taught to reduce stress by increasing practice of mindfulness, deep breathing, meditation, positive thinking and affirmations of self to create inner peace, healthy habits and improve self-esteem. Gentle yoga will also be incorporated into the curriculum to reinforce grounding techniques. Covered by Medicaid.

support for substance misuse

Early Recovery for Substance Misuse (Ages 14-18)

Focus is to increase awareness of the relationship between use and lifestyle, understand how substance use affects life and goals, learn positive coping skills, relaxation techniques and recreational activities as an alternative to substance use, explore personal values, and develop future goals. Covered by Medicaid and most major insurance plans.


Trimph Over Tantrums (Ages 5-9)

To learn how anger is a natural emotion, recognize feelings of anger, skills to decrease verbal and physical aggression, calm self, and resolve conflict. Covered by Medicaid and most major health plans.

Early Childhood Development

Bright Beginnings  (Ages 4-6)

Simulation of a real classroom experience to ease anxiety and improve transition into the classroom, learn listening skills, how to share and follow classroom rules. Covered by Medicaid. (Community Partner:  First Parish Congregational Church)

AUsome Adventures - Autism Spectrum Disorder Sensory Based Therapy Group (Ages 7 - 10)

A special focus on the development of sensory awareness through active play with a goal to improve daily functioning. Participants will climb, connect, bounce, process and slide to manage symptoms, work through and become acclimated to textures, emotions and senses, bright lights and colors, and peer relations throughout the duration of group. Covered by Medicaid and most major health plans. (Community Partner: Party Playland)

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Finding the Middle Path (Ages 13-18)

Treat unhealthy and self-destructive behaviors in the areas of self-harm, over or under eating, drug or alcohol use, and dependence on physical activity through DBT. Five skill sets will be taught including: Mindfulness, Distress Tolerance, Walking the Middle Path, Emotion Regulation, and Interpersonal Effectiveness. There is a special parent/natural support component that runs simultaneously to “coach” supports with skills. Covered by Medicaid and most major health plans.